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Mormugao Port, one of the oldest ports on the west coast of India, with a fine natural harbour, has been relentlessly serving the nation in its economic development for over a century. The Port was declared a Major Port on 2.12.1963.In many ways, Mormugao Port enjoys an enviable position amongst the major ports. It is the premier iron ore exporting Port of India with an annual throughput of around 23 million tonnes of iron ore traffic. The Port accounts for about 39% of India's iron ore export. Though ore is the predominant cargo, there has been a steady increase in liquid bulk and general cargo traffic ever since its joining the ranks of the Major Ports of India. Since 1992, there has been a regular container feeder service from the port and the container traffic has registered a rapid growth within a short span of time and presently handles about 10,000 TEUs per annum.

Excellent facilities, high productivity, streamlined administration and a dedicated workforce all go towards making this Port one of the most efficient Port in the Indian subcontinent. With all these attributes, Mormugao Port has tremendous potential to cater to the needs of trade and industry and to contribute to the economic development of the Nation.

Location : Mormugao Port Trust Headland,
Goa - 403804
State: Goa
Phone: +91-834-512177
Fax: +91-834-512177
Nearest AirPort: Dabolin
Nearest International AirPort: Dabolin


Related Information
Latitude Latitude : 15o25 N
Longitude Longitude : 73o47 E
Humidity Humidity : 70%
Avg Rain Fall Avg Rain Fall : 2500mm
Temparature Temparature : 26°C & 32°C
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