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Krishna Patnam Port

India's maritime trade and its percentage share in the world market is growing at a rapid pace. Leading the foray into international markets are the bulk commodities and containerised trade. The unprecedented growth triggered a demand for strategic port capacity. Such capacity is expected to sustain trade at lower costs, thus increasing India's Share in International Markets.Krishnapatnam Port is emerging as the port of choice for all cargos originating from and destined to the Southern and Central Andhra Pradesh, Souther Karnataka and Northern Tamil Nadu. Under plan drafted vessels to be able to provide high quality service at an attractive price to port users. Krishnapatnam Port Company has won the mandate from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh to develop the exisisting minor port into a modern, deep water & high Productivity port, on BOST basis for 50 years.

Location : Krishna Patnam Port

Nellore - 524344
District: Nellore
State: Andhra Pradesh
Phone: +91-9876160022
Nearest AirPort: Chennai
Nearest International AirPort: Chennai, Hyderabad

Krishna Patnam Port

Related Information
Latitude Latitude : 14o 15' N
Longitude Longitude : 80o 08' E
Humidity Humidity : 76%
Avg Rain Fall Avg Rain Fall : 1100mm
Temparature Temparature : 20oC & 40oC
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