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AASTIK Portable Handy Tape Sealing Machine Packing Plastic Bag Sealer Bag Sealer Kitchen Tool Bin Bag Bread Bag Sandwich and Nappy Bags - Product Features
  • THE VERSATILE SEALABAG: Sealabag is a discreet and versatile bag sealing device. Capable of sealing all sizes of bags from freezer bags to bin bags, the Sealabag is incredibly easy to use
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: The ease of use makes the Seal bag best for anyone who suffers with arthritis or other problems affecting dexterity
  • HOW TO USE MY SEALABAG: Tightly twist the neck of any bag and then push the neck of the bag down through the slot on the Seal bag, the bag is now sealed
  • EASY TO USE, Will work on any plastic bags.-The color and design we have will be step operation.
  • Color Will be send as per inventory availability.

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