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HASTHIP Vacuum Sealer Machine Full Automatic Food Sealing Machine with Manual Vacuum Dry & Moist Food Modes, Compact Food Vacuum Sealer with 10 BPA-Free Seal Bags for Meat, Vegetable, Fruit - Product Features
  • 5MM SEALING WIDTH HIGH EFFICIENCY VACUUM SEALER:135W large power motor provides strong suction, can extract the air faster and better ,just need few seconds,it will seal the food bag nicely and neatly. 32cm heating strips length, can process few small bags at same time, including tea bags, snack bags,etc. And the 5mm sealing width can have better sealing performance,keeping the food from moisture and mildew,prolong the freshness of the food.
  • AUTOMATIC VACUUM & MANUAL VACUUM MODE?designed with fully automatic vacuum sealing operation. Just put the bag into the machine, choose the corresponding mode, it will start to vacuum and seal automatically. You can also choose manual vacuum mode,allowing you can decide the vacumm degree you need as the specific food.Can be used for meat,fish,cereal, fruit, deli, etc.Keeping the freshness of the food and ensuring the sanitary.
  • DRY & WET MODE,VACUUM SEAL:Multi function vacuum sealer, designed for various food,meeting different storing needs of various food.The vacuum degree for dry food can be up to -60Kpa; -35Kpa for wet food.Perfect for preparing food for camping , hiking, any outdoor activities.
  • 5 ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE :Suitable for various vacuum sealing storage bag ,as there equips with 5 different heating temperature for different vacuum sealing storage bag of various thickness.
  • PLUG AND PLAY : Easy to use,plug and play,the powerful vacuum machine is necessary for each family , saving your time to preparing fresh food, with this,you can prepare food ahead, helping you keep your food fresh and clean.
HASTHIP Food Vacuum Roll, 20cm*15 Meter Vacuum Sealer Bags, Food Seal Bag Rolls, Meal Saver Bags for Storage or Sous Vide, BPA Free, Prevent Freezer Burn, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe (1 Roll) - Product Features
  • [High Efficiency Vacuum Performance]--Double side texture design vacuum sealer bag, one side is smooth suface,another side is grid textured surface which is booster the airtight vacuum effect,preventing bacterial growth and keeping food fresh and tasty.Suitable for various food, including freezed meat, vegetables, fruits, bacon,kids meal, nut,etc.
  • [Premium and Durable Material]--Our bags are made of foodgrade PE and PA material,BPA free,100% safe for food storage, boilsafe,freezable,reuseable. The thickness is about 0.09mm,which is more sturdy and durable to use, no leakage and not easy to be damaged.
  • [Size Details]--Each vacuum bag is of 20cm(7.8'') width, the total length of one roll vacuum sealer bag is 49.2ft,very suitable for household use.
  • [Match Each Vacuum Sealers]--Food seal bags have a universal embossed texture that can be used by every vacuum sealer for excellent vacuum performance and sealing. Whether it's a vacuum sealer or home use, all you need is a set of vacuum sealer bags to store a variety of foods.
  • [Alway Enjoy the Fresh Food]--Not just for prolong the shelf life of food,also this is the the best way to store the extra food, no waste food. Keep the sanitary and freshness of food in the bag and a good lifestyle be with you.With vacuum sealer bags,also save a lot of time in meal preparation,you can freeze some prepared food, including kids meal, meat, chicken, veges, fruit,etc.Perfect for office worker and all,brings you a more convenience in life.
HASTHIP Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Food Sealer with Built-in Cutter& Roll Bag Storage, Machine for Food Storage and Preservation with Dry&Moist Modes with 10 Reusable Bags - Product Features
  • Powerful & Keep Food Fresh:The vacuum food sealer produces great suction power of 65kPa to extract all air from the bag, ensuring the freshness of food for 7X times Longer. This vacuum sealer machine not only preserves the good taste and shape of easy-to-deformed food, but also protects the household items (such as photos, letters, magazines, old pictures, fabric place mats) from damaging.
  • Automatic Powerful Vacuuming System:With the vacuum cleaner with strong suction power you can seal your food in seconds, pack your food with this vacuum, leave no odor in your fridge and lock the nutrition in food against bacteria.
  • Convenient & Efficient:The food sealer takes up little space in your kitchen and extremely easy to clean. Fast vacuum sealing with low vibration, low noise, safety lock design keeps the food sealing machine tightly closed when being operated. It's convenient for your life, should be have one in the kitchen.
  • Easy To Use And Multifunctional:Provides a 2-in-1 function and Easy to use. It combines vacuum and sealing for dry/wet/powder foods such as snacks, boiled and steamed cooking. Additional vacuum functions such as red wine storage, vacuum tank included.
  • FULLY STARTER KITS :10 food vacuum sealer bags, 1 User manual, it also comes with 1.15m long power cord. Is compatible with most types of vacuum food sealer bags in the market.

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