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Upscale Compact and Powerful Handheld Vacuum Sealer to preserve food and freshness, space saver with 5 reusable vacuum sealer bags - Green - Product Features
  • COMPACT AND POWERFUL, EFFICIENT SEALING: Achieves a vacuum pressure of 62.5KPA, sealing various materials in 8-12 seconds DUAL POWER OPTIONS: Operates on DC Adapter or 6AA batteries for versatile use in any location.
  • VERSATILE SEALING: Preserves food, electronics, and more with a robust seal for extended freshness. SEAL VACUUM CONTAINERS IN SECONDS: Upscale Handheld Vacuum sealer can seal containers of flat air valve with diameter not exceeding 2.5cm
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from rugged ABS material, providing resistance to impact, heat, abrasion, and low temperatures.
  • Includes 5 Reusable Vacuum Bags: Made of BPA free PE/PA material, microwave, and freezer safe for 30-50 uses.
  • Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags: Compatible with PE/PA material, offering 30-50 uses and safe for microwave and freezer.
Upscale Vacuum Sealer and Packaging Machine with 15cm by10m Vacuum Bags Roll | Commercial-Grade | Auto Operation | Dry and Wet System | SS Top | LED Indicator | Roll Cutter | 1-Year Warranty - Product Features
  • Multi-Function Settings: Tailor your vacuum sealing experience with specific settings for different food types (Moist & Dry) and modes (Standard or Soft). Sealing time is a quick 5 minutes.
  • Versatile Food Sealing: From meats and seafood to fruits, vegetables, and dry goods, our vacuum sealer accommodates a variety of food items. It even expedites marination, reducing the process to just 20 minutes instead of overnight. Additionally, it serves as a guardian for polished silver items, preventing tarnishing.
  • Premium Stainless Steel Finish: Crafted with an expansive, high-end stainless steel surface, this vacuum sealer not only performs flawlessly but also adds an elegant touch to your kitchen. All materials used are LFGB approved for safe contact with food.
  • Built-in Bag Cutter with Marker Pen: Enjoy the convenience of customizing bag sizes with the built-in bag cutter. Store it neatly in the holder after use. The included marker pen allows you to label sealed bags for easy identification later on.
  • Package Includes Vacuum Storage Bags (15cm*10m): As a bonus, our vacuum sealer comes with a supply of vacuum storage bags, measuring 15cm by 10m.

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