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Electrical Components Companies in Pune

Astron Switch Craft
Rocker Switch, Push Button Switches, Indicators. Customised Plastic Components, Plastic Injection Moulds, Progressive Press Tools.
Chintamani Control Systems
AC Drives, Process PLC, Axpert Ac Drive, Axpert AC Drives (High Power), Soft Starter, Axpert HF2, Medium Voltage Ac Drive, Technical Services, Control Panels, Rectifiers / Chargers.
Graphic Impressors
Fixed Contacts, Moving Contacts, Terminal Connecting Bars, Connector Assembly, Connector Link, Nuts & Bolts, Industrial Gaskets, Machining Carbide Tools, Machining Components.
Hallmark Electronics
Temperature Controlled Soldering Station, Handsfree Soldering Station, Controlable Solder Bath, Laboratory Instruments, Mains Operated, Soldering Iron, Desoldering Tool, Mini Soldering Iron, SMPS Power Supply, Solder Bits, Soldering Equipments, Reliance Fuses, New Items.
National Resistors
Neutral Grounding/ Earthing Resistors, Battery Discharge Resistors, Dynamic Breaking Resistors, Buffer Resistor for Motors, Control Resistor for Motors, Single Pole Isolators, Neutral Isolator Panels.
Poona Switchgears Pvt Ltd
Our VCB panel, available with a series of accessories provides convenience to the user by offering high interrupting performance. The panels have long lasting electrical and mechanical life and hence eliminate the frequent expenditures met in replacing the fuses. It also has a reliable operating mechanism that ensures the safety of the recruits. The usage has the following benefits:
Shree Raghavendra Industrial Corporation
Coaxial Cables, Twisted Pair Cables, Optical Fibre Cables, Ladder Type Cable Trays, Perforated Cable Trays, PVC Conduits, GI Conduits, PVC Conduit Accessories, Plug And Sockets, Security System, Industrial Fittings.
Turbodyne Energy Systems
Control Panels, Pollution Control Systems, Steam Turbines, Industrial Blowers and Fans, Sheet Metal Fabrications, Industrial Fabrications, Ice Bank Tanks, Insulated Milk Tanks.
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