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Locus Robotics
Directed Picking, Putaway, P2P Transport, Mezzanine Management, Deployment, Productivity, Robots as a Service, Warehouse Experts, Locus RAD Program.
Lydnow Edutech Pvt Ltd
Established in 2011, Lydnow is Pune's most popular technology education provider. We've been at the forefront of imparting students quality training in robotics, 3D design and printing, drones, electronics and PCB design, automation, and programming.
Makersloft Private Limited
Courses by Age Group, Creative Building 4-9yrs, Movable Machines for 6+ yrs, Programmable Bricks 7-10 yrs, Robotics for 9+ yrs, Scratch Coding 4-11 yrs, mBot Robotics 8-15 yrs, Website Designing for 10-15 years, Artificial Intelligence 11-15yrs, Mobile App Making 11-15 yrs.
Mechatron Robotics
Services-Courses, Workshops & Events, Robotics Lab, Parts and Kits, Franchise, Competitions.
Miso Robotics

Miso Robotics was founded on the idea of creating robots that eliminate dull, dirty and dangerous tasks in restaurant kitchens. Our name comes from the French term mise en place — meaning, “everything in its place.”

Miso Robotics in an amazing time with huge challenges in front of us — Miso is pioneering the technology that will help restaurants meet them head on.

NovatechRobo Pvt Ltd

NovatechRobo Pvt Ltd is one of the leading robotic company established in the year 2010 with the motto of training student community with advanced technology and latest innovations and among the students of underdeveloped and developing countries on par with industrialized countries understanding the basic steps of Robot Building which comes from hands-on practice.

NovatechRobo Pvt Ltd mission of the company is to help every child progress ahead with their dreams and understanding the basic steps of manufacturing which come from hands-on practice. The Novatech Robo and STEaM education program make this easy for all school students from class 2 onwards to get started and become budding Roboteers, Inventors, Makers, and even Entrepreneurs. The Novabot Kit is startup intelligent content for a full STEaM education program Leading to Drone Technology, 3D printing, IoT, Electronics, and Artificial Intelligence.

PULSE Integration
Technology-AutoStore, OTTO Motors, Automation & Robotics, Robotic Palletizing, Systems Integration, Mobile Transportation, Automated Storage/Retrieval, Conveyor Solutions.
RightHand Robotics Inc
RightPick System, RightPick Fleet Management, RightCare.
Robokidz Eduventures Pvt Ltd
Robokidz Eduventures Pvt Ltd was born in 2010 with the motto of promoting technical skills, scientific thinking, and innovation. Today, we are well established as one of India’s finest science, technology and skills development company, reaching out to more than 1,00,000 kids in over 500 schools across India. We have completed ten golden years of creating an unmatched aura of science and technology.
Roborock India

Roborock India is online shop where you can buy the most trusted and high quality products like Roborock, ILIFE, Lydsto, Xiaomi, Viomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, Replacement parts and accessories for them, get the warranty and after sale support.

Roborock India mission is to bring the high class products and services at your doorsteps without middlemen like Amazon and other marketplaces, it allows us to offer lower prices and better services. We are only dealer who have unique models like Roborock S5 Max Black, Roborock S6 Maxv and latest models like Roborock S7 in India. We do our best to ensure that all replacement parts and accessories are in stock, so our customers can enjoy the opportunity of continuous use of robotic vacuum cleaners without any hassle.

Roborock India uphold the values of positivity, dignity and cooperation.

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