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Jafrabad Lighthouse


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Jafrabad Lighthouse

Jafrabad Lighthouse

Jafrabad is about 30 km south of Rajula and is linked by a metalled road. The coastal highway to Bhavnagar passes through Rajula. Sultan Muzaffar Shah of Gujarat had constructed a fort and founded the town Muzafarabad here in the 16th century, which in course of time became Jafrabad. Prior to independence it was under the control of Sidi Nawab of Murud Janjira who had conquered the region after defeating the local sea pirates in 1762. Jafrabad has been an important harbour since more than two centuries. It is formed by a creek running North Westerly through flat swamp. The main export was that of salt and fish. The regular steamer service for Bombay touched Jafrabad also during fair season i.e. October to May. The service was discontinued during late 1950s.Towards the end of 20th century the cement industry has been developed here and cement clinker became the main export commodity from Jafrabad.The first Beacon at Jafrabad was a wooden structure erected in 1865. A light used to be exhibited from this structure during fair season only. Janjira State built the present lighthouse tower during 1871-75.On this tower an imported wick lamp with reflectors inside a lantern was put in operation in January 1876. In 1895 a 4th order optic replaced the catadioptric system. The PV equipment with revolving optic and a lantern house supplied by M/s Chance Bros, Birmingham replaced the old equipment in 1914.


The new equipment gave flash of 2.2/3 seconds alternating white and red and 13 seconds eclipse. A storm signal mast was erected near to the lighthouse tower and the hoisting of storm waning signals also commenced same year. The LH was regularly inspected on behalf of the British Govt by Sub-Divisional Officer, Viramgam. The revolving operation went out of order in 1919 and the light remained stationery for two years. In 1950 some modifications were carried out. The red sector was removed and a separate 300 mm lantern with red sector optic and a wick lamp was installed as an auxiliary light on the base pedestal of the tower. The improvement of Jafrabad lighthouse was planned in the late 1950s. The work on modification and extension of tower for providing an electric light with captive power began in 1960 and completed in 1961.An electrically operated lighting equipment, gensets, supplied by M/s Barbier Benardet Turenne, Paris (BBT) was installed. The lighthouse was commissioned into service on 15th January 1962. An Auxiliary light with optic of Red sector was installed and commissioned simultaneously on the adjoining rock.During the same period a green light working on DA gas was placed on the South eastern point of the entrance to Jafrabad creek. It was known as Babarkot light and served as star board land mark. This light was however discontinued in 1980.A baffle wall was constructed in 1962 close to the Lighthouse tower to support sound vibrators and horns to function as fog signals. The set of sound vibrators with gensets for fog signals supplied by M/s B.B.T,Paris., was installed which became operational on 15th March 1963. The fog signal was decommissioned in 1988.The halogen lamp as emergency source and the direct drive steppermotor were introduced at the station and commissioned on 16th July 1995. The light source was replaced by 400W Metal Halide lamp in April 1998.

Location: Jafarabad Lighthouse

State: Gujarat

Phone: +91-2794-245167

Related Information
Position - 200 51.4N 710 22.9E
Characteristic - flash White every 10 Sec.
Tower - 23 m high masonry tower Consisting of circular and Octagonal portions supported on a square base
Height above MSL - 29 m
Range - 24 NM
Optical Equip - 250 mm 4th order revolving optic inside 2.0 m dia lantern house (BBT)
Illuminant - 230V 400 W Metal Halide lamp
Source of Energy - Mains supply 440 V 50 Hz (Standby genset provided)
Commensed year - 1876
Subsequent Innovations - 1895, 1914, 1950, 1962, 1963, 1988, 1995, 1998
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