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Indira Point Light House

Indira Point Light House

Indira point Lighthouse is situated on the Southern most tip of the Indian Territory and is an important landmark on the international ship lane on Colombo-Singapore route. Down south is Sumatra (Indonesia) separated by 60 miles of sea.The enclave on which lighthouse stands, was previously known as Pygmalion point. It was renamed as Indira point in honour of the Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. A helipad has been provided here for the VIPs. There are a number of stones erected here in memory of VIPs. Indira point is part of Great Nicobar Island and is connected to Campbell bay port by a 45 km metalled road.Of the 19 islands in Nicobar group, Great Nicobar is the largest. It has a number of mountains and hills - highest among them is Mt Thulier (642 m) and three perennial rivers-Galathia, Alexendria and Dogmar flow from these mountains. The island receives 3125 mm of rain fall as such it has dense forest cover-the cane and bamboo is in abundance here. The Shompens (150) and Great Nicobaris (250) are the aboriginals of this island. The ex-servicemen


and other mainlanders have also been resettled here.M/s BBT, Paris supplied the Cast iron Tower and the entire Lighting equipment consisting of 3rd Order optic assembly to be revolved by DA gas, mercury float pedestal system and lantern house, etc.The transportation of heavy Cast iron panels and equipment packages to this remote site and then the erection of tower consumed three work seasons which was followed by installation of equipments in 1971-72. The Lighthouse was inaugurated and commissioned into service on 30th April 1972 by then Vice President of India, Mr.G.S.Pathak. Due to heavy salinity, the gas motor revolving system did not work long and the revolving optic had to be replaced by 500 mm cut and polished drum optic and DA gas burner, flasher and sun-valve in 1978. The ‘Racon’ of Marconi make and transmitting code ‘G’ was added on the LH tower on 25th February 1985. Subsequently the gas flasher was replaced by Electronic flasher and Halogen lamp operating on solar charged batteries, on 28th February 1996. During 98-2000 the scheme to upgrade the station was implemented. The diesel power generating sets and Radio beacon (MACE) equipment was installed at the station. Simultaneously the drum optic and light source was replaced by 300mm revolving 4 panel optic (BBT) and 230V 400W Metal Halide lamp. The Radio beacon transmission and the new system of light commenced functioning on 31st January 2000. he DGPS equipment manufactured by M/s Leica Geo Systems, U.S.A. and supplied by M/s. Elcom Marine, Mumbai was integrated on 31stMay 2003 converting Radio Beacon to DGPS station.Indira Point 6¡45.2'N 93¡49.6'E Height of tower above mean sea level=35 m. Height of iron pillar=30 m. 7.Tillanchang Lighthouse The island is approachable by the Lighthouse Tender M.V. Sagardeep / MV Pradeep.Tillanchang is 15 km long and about 1 km in wide Island and lies on the Eastern periphery of Indian waters. It is the Eastern most island in the Nicobar Group of islands. Tillanchang is an uninhabited island and has been declared a sanctuary by the Government of India. There is thick vegetation on the island. On the coast, coconut palms have been planted by the islanders from Chowra and Teressa who visit the island quite often. The island is infested by non poisonous snakes.The 30m high GI trestle tower was erected expeditiously and the 300 mm equipment with electronic flasher, halogen lamp etc all applied by the Lighthouse Workshop and Electronic Laboratory, Jamnagar was installed on the tower in March 1998. The light was exhibited on 30th March 1998. It is interesting to note that the GI trestle, equipment and all items for the work were brought to the island on board MV Sagardeep directly from Okha port ( Jamnagar).

Location: Indira Point Light House
Port Blair-744101

State: West Bengal

Related Information
Position - 08o 28.3’N 93o 37.0’E
Characteristic - flash White every 10 Seconds
Tower Colour - Black & White bands
Tower - 24m high G.I. Trestle Tower
Height above MSL - 114 m
Range - 10 NM
Optical Equip - 300 mm Cut & polished optic and lantern (LHWL)
Illuminant - 12 V 60 W Halogen Lamp.
Commensed year - 1998
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