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Logistics Directory » Ocean Frieght » Mumbai » Roshan Freight Lines india Pvt. Ltd
Roshan Freight Lines india Pvt. Ltd

Roshan 6-A-3, New Excelsior Building
Wallace Street, Fort



Primary Industry

Ocean Frieght

Business Summary

Roshan group of companies started about five decades ago in India with a sole concentration of local transportation and are headquartered in Indore, India. Today Roshan Freight is the worldwide comprehensive logistics provider, powering your supply chain with creative winning solution that moves cargo quickly and accurately. Roshan Group offers a wide range of services to our customers; from the Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding, Pick-Up and Delivery, Customs Clearance and Domestic Distribution.

Executive Team

Executive Name Phone
Mr. Sivakumar +91-22-55742723

Company Website
If you have a business establishment in india, contact us to list your business related to any logistics categories. Please Contact No - 9246535456 / 9959733789
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